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(5/15/2013) ETSI
Creating Custom Designed Training Webinars

Custom Designed Webinars

ETS offers custom designed training webinars: personalized, on-site training molded to fit your company's needs. Experts will be available during the webinar to provide information and answer questions. This is a highly cost-effective method to train personnel.

The advantages of custom designed webinar training include:

  • Cost Savings - No travel or accommodation costs. Pay only for the information you need.

  • Flexibility - Schedule to fit your availability.

  • Convenience - Work from home, office, or mobile device.

  • Feedback - Q+A sessions included. Immediate instructor support.

  • No lost time - No travel time.

  • Review - Webinar recordings can be made available for review.

For more information, contact the

Webinar Coordinator:

ETS, Inc.

1401 Municipal Road, NW

Roanoke, VA 24012

Phone: (540) 265-0004

or send an email to:


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Contact Name: Webinar Coordinator
Contact Phone: 540-265-0004
Contact Email: mmck@etsi-inc.com

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