Major Environmental Issues Facing the 21st Century

Mary K. Theodore and Louis Theodore
Department of Chemical Engineering
Manhattan College, Bronx NY

Available from ETS Professional Training Institute
1996 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 502 pages. ISBN 0-13-183526-2

Table of Contents

Early History
The Environmental Movement
Environmental Organizations
The EPA Dilemma
Environmental Regulations
Multimedia Concerns Classification and Sources of Pollutants
Effects of Pollutants

Air Pollution Control Equipment
Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling
Indoor Air Quality
Air Toxics

Industrial Wastewater Management
Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Dispersion Modeling in Water Systems

Solid Waste
Solid Waste Management
Industrial Waste Management
Municipal Solid Waste Management
Hospital Waste Management
Nuclear Waste Management

Health, Safety, and Accident Management
Industrial Applications
At Home
At Work
Other Health, Safety, and Accident Management Areas

Energy Conservation
Industrial Applications
At Home
At Work
Other Energy Conservation Areas

Pollution Prevention
The Pollution Prevention Concept
Industrial Applications
At Home
At Work Other Waste Reduction Areas

Environmental Risk
Health Risk Assessment
Risk Evaluation of Accidents
Public Perception of Risk
Risk Communication

Other Areas of Interest
Noise Pollution
Electromagnetic Fields
Acid Rain
Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming
Environmental Training
Underground Storage Tanks
Architecture in the Environment: History, Practice, and Change

Environmental Ethics
Environmental Justice


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