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Biochemical Engineering
A Self-Instructional Problem Workbook

P. T. Vasudevan
Department of Biochemical Engineering
University of New Hampshire

Published by ETS Professional Training Institute
1994 Louis Theodore. 339 pages. ISBN 1-882767-12-8.

Table of Contents

Basic Operations
Conversion of Units Temperature Terms Pressure Terms Enzyme and Microbial Kinetics Enzyme Reaction Mechanisms Effectiveness Factor Conversion Variables Reaction Equilibrium Arrhenius Equation Biological Oxygen Demand Reynolds Number Power Number Air Sterilization: Dimensionless Groups Batch Sterilization: Time-Temperature Profiles Numerical Integration Numerical Differentiation Transformation of Equations to Linear Form Linear Regression Analysis Runge-Kutta Technique Newton-Raphson Technique

Enzyme Kinetics (EK)
EK 1: Michaelis-Menten Kinetics
EK 2: Quasi Steady-State Approximation
EK 3: Competitive Inhibition
EK 4: Non-Competitive Inhibition
EK 5: Substrate Inhibition
EK 6: Enzyme Catalysis: Rate Expressions

Immobilized Enzyme Systems (IES)
IES 1: Immobilized Enzyme: Estimation of Kinetic Parameters
IES 2: Enzyme Deactivation

Metabolic Pathways (MP)
MP 1: Determination of Equilibrium ATP Concentration
MP 2: Estimation of ATP Production and Overall Efficiency

Microbial Kinetics (MK)
MK 1: Monod Growth Kinetics
MK 2: Transient Microbial Kinetics
MK 3: Estimation of Growth and Kinetic Parameters
MK 4: Growth Stoichiometry and Yield Coefficients

Bioreactors (Fermenters) (BF)
BF 1: Batch Fermenter
BF 2: Chemostat: Continuous Stirred Tank Fermenter
BF 3: Fed-Batch Fermenter
BF 4: Fluidized Bed Bioreactor

Comparison of Reactors (COM)
COM 1: Comparison of Batch and Continuous Stirred Tank Fermenters
COM 2: Multistage Chemostats
COM 3: CSTF and PFF in Series
COM 4: Immobilized Cell Bioreactor

Aeration and Agitation (AA)
AA 1: Design of an Aeration-Agitation System
AA 2: Determination of Oxygen Uptake Rate

Scale-Up and Sterilization (SUST)
SUST 1: Design of a Batch Sterilization Unit
SUST 2: Design of a Continuous Sterilization Unit
SUST 3: Design of Air Sterilizer
SUST 4: Scale-Up of a Fermentation Unit

Bioseparations (BSEP)
BSEP 1: Batch Filtration
BSEP 2: Centrifugation
BSEP 3: Membrane Separation
BSEP 4: Liquid-Liquid Extraction
BSEP 5: Adsorption
BSEP 6: Liquid Chromatography

Mixed Cultures (MC)
MC 1: Predator-Prey Problem
MC 2: Recombinant DNA: Stability in Batch Cultures
MC 3: Activated Sludge Process
MC 4: Trickling Biological Filters
MC 5: Design of Trickling Biological Filters
MC 6: Anaerobic Digestion

Solutions to Problems


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