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Chemical Reaction Kinetics
A Self-Instructional Problem Workbook

Louis Theodore
Department of Chemical Engineering
Manhattan College, Riverdale NY

Published by ETS Professional Training Institute
1992 Louis Theodore. 270 pages. ISBN 1-882767-05-5.

Table of Contents

Basic Operations
Conversion of Units Weight and Mole Fraction Average Molecular Weight Temperature Terms Pressure Terms Ideal Gas Law Actual Volumetric Flow Rate and Standard Volumetric Flow Rate Mass Flow Rate and Standard Volumetric Flow Rate Discharge Velocity Reynolds Number Conservation Law for Mass Stoichiometry Complete Combustion of a Gas Chemical Kinetics Reaction Mechanisms Conversion Variables Volume Correction Factor Arrhenius Equation Chemical Reaction Equilibrium Conservation Law for Energy Required Heat Rate Standard Enthalpy of Reaction Gross Heating Value Integration Differentiation Newton-Raphson Runge-Kutta Linear Regression Analysis Decision Trees Flow Diagrams

Ideal Gas Law (IGL)
IGL 1: Gas Concentrations
IGL 2: Flue Gas Flow Rate

Stoichiometry (STC)
STC 1: Combustion with Stoichiometric Air
STC 2: Combustion with Excess Air

Batch Reactors (BAT)
BAT 1: Liquid Phase Reactions
BAT 2: Reactor Charge
BAT 3: Gas Phase Reactions
BAT 4: Reactor Down Time

Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors (CST)
CST 1: Elementary Liquid Phase Reactors
CST 2: Gas Phase Reactions
CST 3: CSTRs in Series
CST 4: Minimum Volume for Two CSTRs in Series

Tubular Flow Reactors (TUB)
TUB 1: Carbon Tetrachloride Conversion Mechanisms
TUB 2: Gas Phase Reactions
TUB 3: Reversible Reactions
TUB 4: Non-Elementary Reactions

Comparison of Reactors (COM)
COM 1: Combination of Reactors
COM 2: CSTRs vs Tubular Flow Reactors

Thermal Effects (THR)
THR 1: Batch Reactors
THR 2: CSTR Reactors
THR 3: Tubular Flow Reactors
THR 4: Fluidized Bed Reactors

Interpretation of Kinetic Data (IKD)
IKD 1: Batch Reactors
IKD 2: CSTR Reactors
IKD 3: Tubular Flow Reactors
IKD 4: Complex Systems

Catalytic Reactors (CAT)
CAT 1: Fluidized Bed Reactors
CAT 2: Fixed Bed Reactors

Economics (ECO)
ECO 1: Updating/Predicting Equipment Costs
ECO 2: Breakeven Operation
ECO 3: Annualized Capital, Operating and Maintenance Costs
ECO 4: Fixed Bed vs Fluidized Bed Reactor Economic Comparison

Environmental Considerations (ENV)
ENV 1: Incinerator Design Using Kinetic Principles
ENV 2: Feedstock pH Control by Blending
ENV 3: Environmental Toxicology
ENV 4: Lime Requirements for Acid Gas Control

Risk Analysis (RSK)
RSK 1: Threshold Limit Values
RSK 2: Reactor Failure
RSK 3: Series and Parallel Systems
RSK 4: Nuclear Reactor Discharge

Solutions to Problems

Appendix: SI Units


Copyright 1999, ETS Incorporated

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