ETS/Theodore Tutorial

Heat Transfer
A Self-Instructional Problem Workbook

Ihab H. Farag
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of New Hampshire

Joseph Reynolds
Manhattan College, Riverdale NY

Published by ETS Professional Training Institute
1996 Louis Theodore. 580 pages. ISBN 1-882767-21-7.

Table of Contents

Basic Operations
Conversion of Units Weight and Mole Fraction Average Molecular Weight Temperature Terms Pressure Terms Ideal Gas Law Actual and Standard Volumetric Flow Rate and Mass Flow Rate Mass Flow Rate and Standard Volumetric Flow Rate Viscosity and Newtonian Fluids Mechanisms of Heat Transfer Thermal Conductivity Convection Heat Transfer Thermal Insulation Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient Log Mean Temperature Difference, LMTD Radiation Heat Transfer Coefficient Planar and Solid Angles Boiling Point Elevation Pipe and Tube Sizes Conservation Law for Mass Conservation Law for Energy Updating/Predicting Equipment Costs Linearization of Non-Linear
Data Integration Differentiation Newton-Raphson Method Graphical Solutions to Complex Equations Decision Trees

Steady State Conduction (CON)
CON 1. Conduction Through Cylindrical Shells
CON 2. Conduction Through Spherical Shells
CON 3. Critical Insulation Thickness
CON 4. Optimum Thickness of Insulation
CON 5. Conservation of Energy

Unsteady State Conduction (UNS)
UNS 1. Lumped Heat Capacity (LHC) Method
UNS 2. Heating Time for Vapor Degreaser
UNS 3. Transient Conduction in Plate, Cylinders and Spheres
UNS 4. Wall of Infinite Thickness
UNS 5. Bricks, Finite Cylinders, and Other Composite Shapes

Heat Exchangers (HTX)
HTX 1. Double Pipe Heat Exchangers
HTX 2. Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger
HTX 3. Effectiveness - Number of Transfer Units (E-NTU) Method
HTX 4. Regenerators and Catalytic Beds

Radiation (RAD)
RAD 1. Thermal Radiation
RAD 2. Radiation Exchange Between Blackbody Surfaces
RAD 3. Absorption, Reflection and Transmission
RAD 4. Radiation Exchange Between Gray Diffuse Surfaces
RAD 5. Thermal Radiation Shields

Fins (FIN)
FIN 1. Fin Efficiency, Resistance and Effectiveness
FIN 2. Fin Arrays

Phase Changes (PHC)
PHC 1. Boiling Heat Transfer
PHC 2. The Boiling Curve
PHC 3. Water Boiling
PHC 4. Condensation Heat Transfer

Convection (CNV)
CNV 1. Local and Average Heat Transfer Coefficient
CNV 2. Flow Over Flat Surfaces
CNV 3. Convection Across Cylinders
CNV 4. Convection Across Spheres
CNV 5. Natural Convection

Flow in Tubes (TUB)
TUB 1. Laminar Flow in a Circular Tube
TUB 2. Turbulent Flow in a Circular Tube
TUB 3. Turbulent Flow in a Non-Circular Tube
TUB 4. Liquid Metals Flow in a Circular Tube

Solutions to Problems

Appendix A: Units Appendix B: Tables Appendix C: Figures


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