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Material and Energy Balances
A Self-Instructional Problem Workbook

Joseph Reynolds
Department of Chemical Engineering
Manhattan College, Riverdale NY

Published by ETS Professional Training Institute
1992 Louis Theodore. 240 pages. ISBN 1-882767-07-1.

Table of Contents

Basic Operations
Conversion of Units Weight and Mole Fraction Average Molecular Weight Temperature Terms Pressure Terms Ideal Gas Law Actual Volumetric Flow Rate and Standard Volumetric Flow Rate Mass Flow Rate and Standard Volumetric Flow Rate Dalton's Law and Componential Flow Rates Critical and Reduced Properties Integration Differentiation Newton-Raphson Graphical Solutions to Complex Equations Flow Diagrams

Introduction to Material Balances (IMB)
IMB 1: Material Balance Around a Single Unit
IMB 2: The Balance Equation

Material Balances for Non-Reactive Processes (MBN)
MBN 1: Material Balances Around Multiple Units
MBN 2: Basis and Scale-Up
MBN 3: Recycle
MBN 4: Degree-of-Freedom Analysis

Material Balances for Reactive Processes (MBR)
MBR 1: Stoichiometry
MBR 2: Molecular, Atomic and "Extent of Reaction" Balances
MBR 3: Excess and Limiting Reactant
MBR 4: Multiple Reactions
MBR 5: Conversion, Yield and Selectivity
MBR 6: Chemical Equilibrium
MBR 7: Degree-of-Freedom Analysis

Single Phase (Gas) Systems (SPS)
SPS 1: Ideal Gases
SPS 2: Non-Ideal Gases: Equations of State
SPS 3: Non-Ideal Gases: The Compressibility Factor Chart

Multiphase Systems (MPS)
MPS 1: Air-Water Systems
MPS 2: Gas-Liquid Systems
MPS 3: Bubble and Dew Point Calculations
MPS 4: The Psychrometric Chart
MPS 5: Solid-Liquid Systems
MPS 6: Liquid-Liquid Systems

Introduction to Energy Balances (IEB)
IEB 1: The Energy Balance Equations
IEB 2: Enthalpy Tables

Energy Balances for Non-Reactive Processes (EBN)
EBN 1: Latent and Sensible Enthalpy Changes
EBN 2: Mean Heat Capacity
EBN 3: Simultaneous Material and Energy Balances
EBN 4: Degree-of-Freedom Analysis

Energy Balances for Reactive Processes (EBR)
EBR 1: Hess' Law of Heat Summation
EBR 2: Heat of Reaction from Heats of Formation
EBR 3: Heat of Reaction as a Function of Temperature
EBR 4: Heat Loss from an Incinerator
EBR 5: Adiabatic Flame Temperature Calculation
EBR 6: Degree-of-Freedom Analysis

Solutions to Problems

Appendix: SI Units


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