ETS/Theodore Tutorials

Materials Science and Engineering
A Self-Instructional Problem Workbook

Joseph Reynolds
Department of Chemical Engineering
Manhattan College, Riverdale NY

Published by ETS Professional Training Institute
1994 Louis Theodore. 224 pages. ISBN 1-882767-11-X.

Table of Contents

Basic Operations
Conversion of Units Logarithms and Exponents The Avogadro Number Conversion of Weight Percent to Atom Percent Conversion of Atom Percent to Weight Percent Average Atomic Weight Temperature Pressure Ideal Gas Constant Integration

Crystallography of Perfect Crystals (CPC)
CPC 1: Coordination Numbers
CPC 2: Geometry of Metallic Unit Cells
CPC 3: Geometry of Ionic Unit Cells
CPC 4: Packing Factor
CPC 5: Density Calculation
CPC 6: Directions and Planes
CPC 7: Linear Density
CPC 8: Planar Density

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)
XRD 1: Interplanar Spacing
XRD 2: Bragg's Law
XRD 3: Forbidden Planes
XRD 4: Experimental Measurement of the Cell Constant

Crystallography of Real Crystals (CRC)
CRC 1: Structural Defects in Crystals
CRC 2: Substitutional Impurities
CRC 3: Interstitial Impurities
CRC 4: Wustite

Phase Diagrams (PHD)
PHD 1: The "1-2-1" Rule
PHD 2: Determining Phase Compositions and Amounts
PHD 3: Determining an Unknown Temperature
PHD 4: Eutectic Formation
PHD 5: The Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram
PHD 6: Pearlite Formation

Mechanical Properties (MCP)
MCP 1: The Elastic (or Young's) Modulus
MCP 2: The Instron Tester
MCP 3: Poisson's Ratio
MCP 4: The Shear and Bulk Moduli
MCP 5: Cold-Working

Electrical Properties (ELP)
ELP 1: Resistivity
ELP 2: Semiconductors
ELP 3: Wustite, the Semiconductor

Time-Dependent Reactions (TDR)
TDR 1: Diffusion
TDR 2: The Arrhenius Equation
TDR 3: The TTT Diagram
TDR 4: Martensite

Solutions to Problems

Appendix 1: Selected Elements

Appendix 2: SI Units


Copyright 1999, ETS Incorporated

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