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PRO/II - A Process Flowsheet Simulator
A Self-Instructional Problem Workbook

Joseph Reynolds
Department of Chemical Engineering
Manhattan College, Riverdale NY

Published by ETS Professional Training Institute
1995 Louis Theodore. 288 pages. ISBN 1-882767-15-2.

Table of Contents

Basic Operations of PRO/II Simulation (BAS)
BAS 1. The Keyword Input File
BAS 2. Processing a Keyword Input File
BAS 3. The General Data Section
BAS 4. The Component Data Section
BAS 5. The Thermodynamic Data Section
BAS 6. The Stream Data Section
BAS 7. The Unit Operations Data Section
BAS 8. The SPEC Statement
BAS 9. The DEFINE Statement

Simple Unit Operations (SOP)
SOP 1. The VALVE Module
SOP 2. The MIXER Module
SOP 3. The PUMP Module
SOP 4. The SPLITTER Module
SOP 5. The FLASH Module
SOP 7. The EXPANDER Module

Heat Exchangers (HEX)
HEX 1. The HX (Simple Heat Exchanger) Module
HEX 2. The HXRIG (Rigorous Heat Exchanger) Module

Reactors (REA)
REA 1. The REACTOR (General Reactor) Module
REA 2. The GIBBS (Gibbs Reactor) Module
REA 3. The PLUGFLOW (Plug Flow Reactor) Module
REA 4. The CSTR (Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor) Module

Columns (DIS)
DIS 1. The SHORTCUT (Shortcut Distillation) Module
DIS 2. The COLUMN (Rigorous Distillation) Module

Miscellaneous Features (MIS)
MIS 1. Scaling a Flowsheet
MIS 2. The STCALC (Stream Calculator) Module
MIS 3. Recycle Loops
MIS 4. The CONTROLLER ( Feedback Controller) Module
MIS 5. The CALCULATOR ( Calculator) Module
MIS 6. The OPTIMIZER (Flowsheet Optimizer) Module

Solutions to Problems



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