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Fundamentals of Engineering
Morning Examination

A Self-Instructional Problem Workbook

Volumes I & II

Christine Hellwege
Dr. Zella Kahn-Jetter
Dr. Joseph Reynolds
Dr. Robert Borrmann
Dr. Louis Theodore

Published by ETS Professional Training Institute
1998 Louis Theodore. 807 pages. ISBN 1-882767-22-5.



Table of Contents 

Preface to This Tutorial
Procedure to Follow in Using This Tutorial
Additional Suggestions
Note from the Authors

Examinations A and B

Chemistry (CHEM)

CHEM 1A.    The Periodic Table of Elements
CHEM 1B.    Properties of Elements and Compounds
CHEM 2A.    Cations/Anions
CHEM 2B.    Symbolic Notation
CHEM 3A.    Ideal Gas Law
CHEM 3B.    Mass and Mole Fraction
CHEM 4A.    Ideal Gas Law Application
CHEM 4B.    pH

CHEM 5A.    Ionization
CHEM 5B.    Conversion Factors
CHEM 6A.    Stoichiometry
CHEM 6B.    Stoichiometric Application
CHEM 7A.    Combustion with Stoichiometric Air
CHEM 7B.    Oxidation - Reduction Reaction
CHEM 8A.    Combustion Application
CHEM 8B.    Combustion with Excess Air
CHEM 9A.    Le Chatelier's Principle
CHEM 9B.    Reaction Kinetics
CHEM 10A.  Reaction Types
CHEM 10B.  Equilibrium Constant

Mathematics (MATH)

MATH 1A.    Area and Volume Calculation
MATH 1B.    Trigonometric Functions
MATH 2A.    Algebraic Equations
MATH 2B.    Quadratric Equations
MATH 3A.    Conic Definitions
MATH 3B.    Equation of an Ellipse
MATH 4A.    Simultaneous Solution of Two Non-linear Algebraic Equations
MATH 4B.    Factorials
MATH 5A.    Limits
MATH 5B.    Binomial Formulas
MATH 6A.    Permutations
MATH 6B.    Combinations
MATH 7A.    Mutually Exclusive Events
MATH 7B.    Repeated Trials
MATH 8A.    Statistical Definitions  
MATH 8B.    Series and Parallel Systems
MATH 9A.    Variance
MATH 9B.    Probability Distribution
MATH 10A.  Derivatives
MATH 10B.  Trigonometric Definitions
MATH 11A.  Logarithmic Differentiation
MATH 11B.  Derivatives of Inverse Functions
MATH 12A.  First and Second Derivative
MATH 12B.  Maxima and Minima
MATH 13A.  Partial Derivatives
MATH 13B.  Higher Order Parial Derivatives
MATH 14A.  Integration
MATH 14B.  Integration Application
MATH 15A.  Area Integration
MATH 15B.  Volume Integration
MATH 16A.  Integration by Parts
MATH 16B.  Trigonometric Integration
MATH 17A.  Order and Degree Differential Equations
MATH 17B.  Separation of Variables
MATH 18A.  Exact Differentials
MATH 18B.  Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients
MATH 19A.  Determinants
MATH 19B.  Matrices
MATH 20A.  Vector Operators
MATH 20B.  Laplace Transforms

Materials (MATL)

MATL 1A.    Crystals: Geometry of Metallic Unit Cells 
MATL 1B.    Crystals: Geometry of Ionic Unit Cells
MATL 2A.    Crystals: Packing Factor
MATL 2B.    Crystals: Density Calculation
MATL 3A.    Crystal Directions
MATL 3B.    Crystal Planes
MATL 4A.    Mechanical Properties: The Instron Tester
MATL 4B.    Cold-Working
MATL 5A.    Phase Diagrams: The "1-2-1" Rule
MATL 5B.    Phase Diagrams: Determining Phase Compositions
MATL 6A.    Phase Diagrams: The Inverse Lever Law
MATL 6B.    Phase Diagrams: Determining an Unknown Temperature
MATL 7A.    The Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram
MATL 7B.    Resistivity
MATL 8A.    Diffusion
MATL 8B.    The TTT Diagram for Steel

Thermodynamics (THRM)

THRM 1A.    Temperature Terms
THRM 1B.    Pressure Terms
THRM 2A.    Ideal Gas Law
THRM 2B.    Actual Volumetric Flow Rate and Standard Volumetric Flow Rate
THRM 3A.    Conservation Law for Mass
THRM 3B.    Humidity
THRM 4A.    Combustion with Stoichiometric Air
THRM 4B.    Combustion with Excess Air
THRM 5A.    Conservation Law for Energy
THRM 5B.    Required Heat Rate
THRM 6A.    Conservation Law for Energy Revisited
THRM 6B.    Adiabatic Compression Application
THRM 7A.    Reversible Work of Expansion
THRM 7B.    Reversible Work
THRM 8A.    Estimating Enthalpy of Vaporization
THRM 8B.    Steam Tables
THRM 9A.    Thermal Conductivity
THRM 9B.    Heat Exchange Calculation
THRM 10A.  Standard Enthalpy of Reaction
THRM 10B.  Gross Heating Value
THRM 11A.  Entropy Change for Liquids and Solids
THRM 11B.  Entropy Change for an Ideal Gas
THRM 12A.  Cyclic Processes
THRM 12B.  Refrigeration Coefficient of Performance (COP)

Fluid Mechanics (FLMC)

FLMC 1A.    Definitions 
FLMC 1B.    Surface Tension
FLMC 2A.    Hydrostatics
FLMC 2B.    Buoyancy
FLMC 3A.    Conservation Law for Mass
FLMC 3B.    Velocity Distribution and Volumetric Flow Rate
FLMC 4A.    Reynolds Number
FLMC 4B.    Particle Settling Velocity
FLMC 5A.    Bernoulli's Equation
FLMC 5B.    Friction Loss in Pipes
FLMC 6A.    Loss Coefficients
FLMC 6B.    Prime Movers
FLMC 7A.    Momentum
FLMC 7B.    Open Channel Flow
FLMC 8A.    Mach Number
FLMC 8B.    Fluid Measurements

Dynamics (DYNA)

DYNA 1A.    Kinematics - Rectangular Coordinates 
DYNA 1B.    Kinematics - Transverse and Radial Components
DYNA 2A.    Straight Line Motion
DYNA 2B.    Projective Motion
DYNA 3A.    Kinetics
DYNA 3B.    One Dimensional Motion
DYNA 4A.    Kinetics - Normal and Tangential Components
DYNA 4B.    Impulse and Momentum
DYNA 5A.    Impulse and Momentum - One Dimensional Motion
DYNA 5B.    Conservation of Energy
DYNA 6A.    Impact
DYNA 6B.    Friction Force
DYNA 7A.    Plane of a Rigid Body
DYNA 7B.    Rigid Body Rotation About a Fixed Point
DYNA 8A.    Instantaneous Center of Rotation
DYNA 8B.    Banking of Curves
DYNA 9A.    Free Vibration
DYNA 9B.    Torsional Free Vibration

Mechanics of Materials (MOMA)

MOMA 1A.    Universal Loading
MOMA 1B.    Stress-Strain Relationship
MOMA 2A.    Uniaxial Loading and Deformation
MOMA 2B.    Thermal Deformations
MOMA 3A.    Shear Strain
MOMA 3B.    Mohr's Circle - Stress
MOMA 4A.    Strain - General Case
MOMA 4B.    Torsion
MOMA 5A.    Shear Stress Due to Torsion
MOMA 5B.    Relationships Between Load, Shear, and Moment
MOMA 6A.    Normal Stresses in Beams
MOMA 6B.    Shear Stresses in Beams
MOMA 7A.    Deflection of Beams
MOMA 7B.    Beam Columns
MOMA 8A.    Long Columns
MOMA 8B.    Elastic Strain Energy

Statics (STAT)

STAT 1A.    Forces 
STAT 1B.    Resultant
STAT 2A.    Resultant Components
STAT 2B.    Unit Vector
STAT 3A.    Resolution of a Force
STAT 3B.    Moment of a Force
STAT 4A.    Couples
STAT 4B.    Equilibrium Requirements
STAT 5A.    Equilibrium Moments
STAT 5B.    Distributed Load
STAT 6A.    Weight of an Object
STAT 6B.    Centroid of a Composite Area
STAT 7A.    Moment of Area
STAT 7B.    Centroid of a Line
STAT 8A.    Moment of Inertia
STAT 8B.    Moment of Inertia
STAT 9A.    Product of Inertia
STAT 9B.    Friction
STAT 10A.  Equilibrium and Friction
STAT 10B.  Equilibrium and Friction
STAT 11A.  Screw Thread
STAT 11B.  Belt Friction
STAT 12A.  Plane Truss - Method of Joints
STAT 12B.  Plane Truss - Method of Sections

Electrical Circuits (ELEC)

ELEC 1A.    Network Calculations
ELEC 1B.    Series and Parallel Combinations
ELEC 2A.    A-C Circuits
ELEC 2B.    A-C Power
ELEC 3A.    Controlled Sources
ELEC 3B.    Controlled Sources - Continued
ELEC 4A.    Diodes as Rectifiers
ELEC 4B.    Semiconductor Diodes
ELEC 5A.    Diode Logic
ELEC 5B.    Snubber Diodes
ELEC 6A.    Electric Fields & Point Charges
ELEC 6B.    Electric Fields & Potentials
ELEC 7A.    Resonances in A-C Circuits
ELEC 7B.    Maximum Power Transfer in A-C Circuits
ELEC 8A.    Inductance
ELEC 8B.    Capacitance
ELEC 9A.    Ideal Transformance
ELEC 9B.    Maximum Power Using a Transformer
ELEC 10A.  Laplace Transforms
ELEC 10B.  Laplace Circuit Analysis
ELEC 11A.  Operational Amplifiers
ELEC 11B.  Linear Mixing in Operational Amplifiers
ELEC 12A.  Sensitivity of Operational Amplifiers
ELEC 12B.  Bistable Circuits

Economics (ECON)

ECON 1A.    Simple Interest
ECON 1B.    Compound Interest
ECON 2A.    Present Worth
ECON 2B.    Evaluation of Sums of Money
ECON 3A.    Depreciation
ECON 3B.    Break-Even Point
ECON 4A.    Present Worth
ECON 4B.    Perpetual Life
ECON 5A.    Capital Recovery Factor
ECON 5B.    Approximate Rate of Return
ECON 6A.    Bonds
ECON 6B.    Incremental Cost

Computers (COMP)

COMP 1A.    Binary-to-Decimal Number Translation 
COMP 1B.    Decimal-to-Binary Number Translation
COMP 2A.    Hierarchy of Arithmetic Operations
COMP 2B.    Parentheses in Arithmetic Operations
COMP 3A.    Arithmetic Statements
COMP 3B.    Evaluation of Arithmetic Statements
COMP 4A.    Relational Operations
COMP 4B.    Logical Operations
COMP 5A.    Simple IF Statements
COMP 5B.    Block IF Statements
COMP 6A.    Indexed Loops
COMP 6B.    Conditional Loops
COMP 7A.    Flows Diagrams
COMP 7B.    Spreadsheets

Ethics (ETHC)

ETHC 1A.    Definitions 
ETHC 1B.    Accident of Concerns
ETHC 2A.    Conflict of Interest
ETHC 2B.    Health Concerns
ETHC 3A.    Initial Contact
ETHC 3B.    Viable Options
ETHC 4A.    Environmental Justice
ETHC 4B.    Ignoring Data

Solutions to Examinations A and B




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