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(1/12/2022) ETS, Inc
In-House Fabric Filter Seminar, 2022: MAY 4-5, 2022


58th Fabric Filter Seminar: MAY 4-5, 2022 

ETS's Fabric-Filter Baghouse seminar is designed for engineers, operators and maintenance personnel. Learn what a baghouse is, how it works, the effects and relative importance of critical operating parameters, how to achieve maximum performance capability, and how to maintain fabric filter equipment in good working order. Troubleshooting and maintenance guidelines will be discussed in detail.  Course qualifies for 1.4 hours of continuing education credit (CEU).



Dr. John D. McKenna, PhD: CEO of ETS, Inc.  Over 50 years fabric filter and other APC device experience. Lecturer - EPA fabric filter workshop and author.

Terry Williamson: Vice President Laboratory Operations, ETS, Inc.  33 years experience with bag and baghouse testing.

Jeff Smith: Field Services Manager, ETS Inc.  38 years experience inspecting and troubleshooting a variety of APC equipment.

Richard Miller, MBA: Senior Consultant and Principal, Miller Energy & Environmental Services, LLC.

Lance Lewis: President, Summerville Co. Inc. Industrial Ventilation & Air Pollution Control.


  • Fundamentals
  • Design Features of Fabric Filter Systems
  • Applications
  • Cost Considerations
  • Fabric Testing
  • Trends in Baghouse Technology
  • Laboratory Tour
  • Maximizing Baghouse Performance
  • Maximizing Filter Bag Life
  • Installation and Start-Up
  • System Testing & Balancing
  • Warranties & Performance Guarantees
  • Inspection & Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Group Workshop - Case Studies

ETS reserves the right to cancel this seminar.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Bryony Yost
Contact Phone: 540-265-0004 Ext. 292
Contact Email: bryonyy@etsi-inc.com
More Information: http://www.etsi-inc.com/Section_Cat_Content_Detail.asp?ID=46&SID=1000&SCAT=59

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