Expert Testimony

ETS has been providing expert testimony for more than a quarter of a century. The primary focus has been in the area of air pollution control. Clients have called on ETS for its expertise in the areas of particulate and gaseous control technology, system design and operation, cost and performance. ETS is known for both the quality of the work performed and the cost effectiveness of the execution. Most often the cases have been successfully settled out of court based on the technical underpinnings provided by ETS. References backing up this statement are available upon request.

A brief list of example cases is provided below: 

Expert Testimony: Example Cases

  • Federal vs. State
    Timing and cost to install turnkey air pollution control system on state facilities.
  • APC Equipment Supplier vs. Municipality
    Performance guarantees and operation of gaseous emission control system.
  • Fabric Filter Baghouse Manufacturer vs. Electric Utility
    Bag life guarantee.
  • Municipality vs. Public Citizenry
    Environmental impact of municipal incinerator with state-of-the-art air pollution control system for gaseous and particulate control.
  • USA OEM vs. Foreign Buyer
    Performance guarantee of electrostatic precipitator.
  • Manufacturing Plant vs. Local Citizens
    Plant emissions damaging local property.
  • End User vs. Baghouse Manufacturer
    Equipment warranty and bag life.

More detailed example cases may be found on the case studies page.  In addition to these specific cases, ETS has experience through its testing, training and troubleshooting contracts with all of the major industrial applications of air pollution control systems. The firm has a quality reputation with both industry and government.



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