Consulting and Design Services

ETS is recognized as America's leading independent fabric filter baghouse consultant, and is distinguished by its ability to provide professional services encompassing four specialty areas:

  • Design and specification of air-pollution control systems
  • Troubleshooting air-pollution control equipment and systems
  • New product development and support services
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Testing and Inspection 

ETS's baghouse experience includes design, manufacturing, installation, start-up, operation, maintenance, performance evaluation, and troubleshooting of fabric filter baghouses as well as other air pollution control equipment.

Its facilities include a fabric testing laboratory, the Baghouse Performance Monitor Expert System, and a fully-instrumented, pilot-scale baghouse for basic research. ETS has conducted several pilot- and full-scale R&D studies, as well as numerous troubleshooting projects in the US, Canada, and Mexico. ETS has provided quality assurance and quality control services which begin with fabric and bag manufacturing processes and extend through operational performance monitoring. ETS consultants have written numerous publications and several books on the technical and practical aspects of baghouses, and have given over 50 baghouse training seminars in this country and abroad.

ETS's unparalleled fabric filter baghouse experience is evidenced by its ability to offer specialized baghouse consulting and design services, and to develop a unique patented baghouse performance monitoring system.

These strengths in this particular emission-control technology have led ETS engineers to develop other emission-control technologies. Beyond holding baghouse-related patents, ETS also has patents involving electrostatic precipitator and SO2 control technologies. Other emission control projects include technology assessment and feasibility studies, design and installation of new or retrofit control equipment, and SO2 control technology demonstrations.

Please visit our Consulting and Design Case Studies page for more detailed information.



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