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Environmental Training

ETS is a leading environmental service firm specializing in air emissions control, testing, troubleshooting, and testimony. We share our knowledge in the form of educational seminars. You can take part either on-line or in person. For 25 years ETS has been developing training seminars geared to educating professionals all over the world.

Thousands of students have attended from industry, government agencies, utilities and commercial interests. Our staff has written and published textbooks and self-instruction workbooks.

Topics include: the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, Air Permitting, SOx / NOx Emission control, Fine Particulate Control, Air Pollution Control for Refuse, Toxic Emission Controls, Hazardous Waste Incineration, Stationary Source Air Emission Monitoring and Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM) Certification and Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATAs). Visit for more topics.

Some of our Water and Environmental training seminars include: Watershed Management, Water Chemistry Fundamentals, Facility Investigation and Site Remediation, Water Pollution Control, Wastewater Treatment, Watershed Management, Potable Water Systems, Energy and the Environment, Public Participation in Large Scale Development Projects, Environmental Public Relations, Pollutant Release & Transfer Register (Toxic Release Inventory), National Park Environmental Management, Pollution Prevention and Safety, Health and Accident Prevention. For additional information.

ETS has given more than 35 fabric-filter seminars domestically and three abroad, helping to establish ETS as the nation's top consultant in fabric filtration/baghouse technology. Other environmental training seminars have also been offered in Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Taiwan, Spain, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Germany.

Dust Collection

Many businesses consult with ETS in search of guidance in creating a better dust collection system. ETS conducted an engineering evaluation on Bandag, INC. Tread Grinding Dust Collection System and to identify and design a system that would improve dust pickup at the buffing stations, and at the same time reduce the potential for fires in the system baghouse.

The result was a plan by ETS outlining specifications to describe the general qualities, performance, and basic systems required in the fabrication and construction of the finishing line modification. For more on the modification and other case studies.

ETS also has an independent fabric-filter laboratory for fabric, dust and new/used bag testing. For more than 25 years ETS has conducted thousands of bag analyses both for baghouse suppliers and users. Our clients have used this service for new baghouse applications, new bag quality assurance programs, and used bag troubleshooting. For clients who needed used bag troubleshooting ETS typically tested high or unstable pressure drop, excessive emissions or unacceptable bag life.

The fabric lab is the only independent facility in North America that is equipped with a test apparatus that complies with internationally recognized test standards (ASTM D6830-02 & VDI/DIN Standard 3926), based on the German method that allows the user to measure baghouse filter media performance under defined conditions with regard to the filtration velocity (G/C), particle size distribution, and cleaning requirements. For more information.

Our skilled staff, which includes some of the nation’s highly regarded bag house consultants, reviews the data. The client receives an assessment with various perspectives offering unique insight as to the cause of failure and potential remedies. A report is prepared for each project, including test data, analytical results, photographs, and recommendations/conclusions.

ETS, Inc.
Baghouse and Fabric Filter Consulting, Training and Trouble Shooting

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