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Health, Safety, and Accident Prevention: Industrial Applications
A Self-Instructional Problem Workbook

Louis Theodore, Joseph Reynolds and Kevin Morris
Manhattan College, Riverdale NY

Published by ETS Professional Training Institute
1996 Louis Theodore. 314 pages. ISBN 1-882767-18-7.

Table of Contents

Basic Operations
Conversion of Units Weight Fraction, Mole Fraction, and Average Molecular Weight Pressure
Terms Ideal Gas Law Discharge Velocity Reynolds Number Stoichiometry Required Heat
Rate Gross Heating Value Henry's Law Chemical Reaction Equilibrium Chemical Kinetics Molecular Diffusion Decision Trees Flow Diagram

Introduction Problems
Accidents at Home History of Accidents Community Emergency Planning Shipping Yard
Hazards Hazard and Health Risk Assessment

Toxicology Problems
Definitions Toxicology Factors Exposure Guidelines Threshold Limit Values IDLH and Lethal Level for a Gas Dose-Response Chemical Exposure in a Laboratory Vapor Cloud Emission Qualitative Health Risk Assessment FAR Concept

Plant and Related Hazards
Flammability Limits and Ignition Delay Time Fluid Flow Ventilation Safety Equipment Rupture Disks and Relief Valves Explosion and Fire Hazards Noise Control Mass Transfer Thermodynamics Hazard Operability Study

Dispersion Problems
Emission Rates (Empirical) Emission Rates (Semi-Theoretical) Water Systems Atmospheric Plume Rise Atmospheric Dispersion Coefficients Pasquill-Gifford Model Line Sources Area Sources Instantaneous "Puff" Model Instantaneous "Puff" Sources

Probability and Statistics
Principles Problems Conditional Probability Bayes' Theorem Probability Distribution
Function Series and Parallel Systems Binomial Distribution Weibull Distribution Normal Distribution Monte Carlo Simulation Event Tree Analysis Fault Tree Analysis

Design-Oriented Application Problems
Quantitative Risk Assessment for a Chemical Facility Cost Effectiveness Analysis for an Accidental Toxic Chemical Release Lifetime Individual Risk Assessment/Characterization Greenhouse Effect Accidental/Emergency Discharge into a Lake/Reservoir

Solutions to Introduction Problems
Solutions to Toxicology Problems
Solutions to Plant and Related Hazards Problems
Solutions to Dispersion Problems
Solutions to Probability and Statistics Principles Problems
Solutions to Design-Oriented Application Problems

Error Function (Probability Integral) Table
Dispersion Coefficients
Standard Normal Cumulative Probability Table
SI Units


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