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Process Dynamics and Control
A Self-Instructional Problem Workbook

P. T. Vasudevan
Department of Biochemical Engineering
University of New Hampshire

Published by ETS Professional Training Institute
1996 Louis Theodore. 370 pages. ISBN 1-882767-20-9.

Table of Contents

Basic Operations
Conversion of Units Temperature Terms Pressure Terms Forcing Functions in Process Control Important Theorems in Laplace Transforms Laplace Transform and Inversion Solution of Linear Differential Equations using Laplace Transforms Deviation Variables and Linearization Complex Algebra Block Diagram Rules Important Parameters in Process Control Determination of time constant Location of roots of characteristic equations Terms used to describe an underdamped system Basic Terms in Feedback Control Controller Tuning Formulae Complex Fortran Frequency Analysis Runge-Kutta Technique Newton-Raphson Technique

Dynamic Behavior of First Order Systems (DFO)
Heated Tank Gas Pressure Mixing Process Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Liquid-Level System Pumped Tank

Sensors, Transductors, Control Valves and Controllers [Hardware(HW)]
Calibration of Flow and Temperature Transductors Sizing of Control Valves in Liquid Service Control Valve Safety Sizing of Control Valves: Cavitation and Flashing Installed and Inherent Control Valve Characteristics Sizing of Control Valves in Gas Service Feedback Controller Action Feedback Controllers

Dynamic Behavior of Second Order Systems (DSO)
Non-Interacting Tanks Interacting Tanks Inherent Second-Order Systems Underdamped Systems and Dynamic Response

Block Diagram Analysis (BDA)
Simple Feedback Loop Cascade Control

Dynamic Behavior of Feedback-Control Processes (DBFC)
Effect of Proportional Control Action Effect of Integral Control Action Effect of Derivative Control Action Underdamped Behavior in Multicapacity Processes

Stability Analysis of Feedback Systems (SA)
Routh Criterion for Stability Stability Analysis of a Heat Exchanger Effect of Dead-Time on
Stability Root Locus Analysis

Design and Tuning of Feedback Controllers (DTFC)
Selection of Controllers Controller Selection based on Simple Performance Criteria Open Loop Controller Tuning Dynamic Performance Criteria

Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)
Response of a System to a Sinusoidal Input Bode Plots Bode Stability Criterion Closed Loop Tuning Techniques Determination of System Parameters from Pulse Techniques Pulse Testing

Advanced Control Techniques (ACT)
Cascade Control Feedforward Control Dead-time Compensation MIMO Systems: Degree of Freedom Analysis Control Configuration for Multiple Loops Interaction and Relative-Gain Matrix

Solutions to Problems


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